The handbag horizon is a perpetually changing one, often symbolic of the changing times. Back in the ’50s, when people would travel by train, the hand-held travelling bag was considered a must-have. Also gaining popularity at the same time was the women’s vanity bag — a portable case with a hard, grainy exterior designed to hold make-up and accessories. In the swinging ’60s, beaded totes were the ‘it’ accessory to have. Designs developed over time, becoming ‘classics’: the embellished clutch, the bejewelled box bag, the cross-pleated hand bag and basic designs created from fine leather, textures or animal skin.


Made To Perfection For Over 135 Years!

Meet Arshad Ali, the pillar of MJ- a brand with a heritage of over 135 years.

Meet Murtaza Jafferjees, the creative force behind MJ!

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Heir to the savoir-faire of true craftsmanship and leather designs, MJafferjees have been transforming the art of leather products, including but not limited to women handbags, wallets, and travel requisites and the notion of luxury accessories since 1880. With their exceptional handcrafted techniques and vision, this generation’s duo amalgamate class with style without ever losing the core principles of fashion and functionality.

We passionately believe that great design and quality can be accessibly priced.

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May 28, 2020

Ex-Director Jafferjees Murtaza Ali's exclusive Interview about MJafferjees

Murtaza Jafferjees talks about his trajectory from being a Director at Jafferjees to starting his own luxury brand MJ.

Jul 29, 2020

MJafferjee s - TDAP/Made in Pakistan - Fashion Show 2017

MJafferjees collaborates with Wardha Saleem to exhibit Men's and Women's Accessory runway Fashion...

Jul 30, 2020

MJafferjees Continental Wallet #7366 #mjafferjees

Flap with button closure Exterior back open pocket One interior zip pocket One interior open pocket