MJ | Spring Summer 2023 | Resort Collection



The handbag horizon is a perpetually changing one, often symbolic of the changing times. Back in the ’50s, when people would travel by train, the hand-held travelling bag was considered a must-have. Also gaining popularity at the same time was the women’s vanity bag — a portable case with a hard, grainy exterior designed to hold make-up and accessories. In the swinging ’60s, beaded totes were the ‘it’ accessory to have. Designs developed over time, becoming ‘classics’: the embellished clutch, the bejewelled box bag, the cross-pleated hand bag and basic designs created from fine leather, textures or animal skin.


Master at Work

Meet Arshad Ali, the pillar of MJ- a brand with a heritage of over 135 years.

Meet Murtaza Jafferjees, the creative force behind MJ!

Made To Perfection For Over 135 Years!


M Jafferjees is a brand that has been transforming the art of leather products and luxury fashion since the 1880s. The family legacy of M Jafferjees has been passed down through generations, from its pioneering great-grandfather to his grandson Arshad Ali, and now to the great-grandchildren Murtaza Ali and Marzia Ali. With over 130 years of craftsmanship distilled within the brand, MJ’s sibling duo continue to combine class and style with the core principles of fashion and functionality.

MJs' designs are versatile, showcasing an array of timeless classics that blend traditional values with modern sensibilities. The brand is committed to innovation, infusing its designs with a fresh perspective and a contemporary twist. With a steadfast focus on craftsmanship and quality, MJs' leather products are a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence and enduring legacy in the luxury fashion industry.

We passionately believe that great design and quality can be accessibly priced