With five generations of experience with leather, we ensure the selection of the finest quality of leather that is combined with premium metal accessories and designed with unmatched craftsmanship. With our trademark of high quality, our products are conceived and designed to be passed down generations.

Wear and tear is expected; if your product requires any form of services, please note we have our own in-house leather care facility where your products can receive the deserved spa treatment it requires! You will be provided with a quotation in regards to the work to be rendered.

Leather is a natural material! Each hide has its own characteristic and an identity. With use, the leather will show slight color and grain variations, which promises the authenticity of the article. Because we use natural material, it is recommended that you give regular resting periods of non-use to extend the lifetime of your item.



Keep your Product Clean

Our products should be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. If possible, every other day, give your product a brisk sweep!



Do not carry anything excessively heavy that could alter the shape of the material. Also remove unwanted receipts from your wallets so that it retains its shape. Once leather is deformed or loses shape, it cannot be restored to its original size.


Soap & Water

It is our personal recommendation that any form of detergents, soap and water mixes not be used to clean your product. These can and will damage your leather product.



When your product is resting, we would recommend that it is stored in the cloth bag that we have provided. Never leave leather products in extreme sunlight or heat.


Water & Leather

Our leather is processed to take spills from water. However, we would advise that you avoid getting your product wet. If water does spill on the leather, wipe it with a clean dry cloth to prevent water marks and allow it to dry naturally.


Creams & Polishes

We recommend that your product be sent to us if you would like to keep it supple. Using high replenish creams and polishes can be recommended, but the amount used requires careful consideration as it can easily lighten or darken the color of your product.


Something that is usually not discussed is the affect extreme weather change has on leather. If the weather becomes too dry, the leather could become stiff and brittle which can cause cracking. Conversely, if leather is exposed to very high humidity, it could potentially grow mold, and cause white spots on the leather and cause metal accessories to tarnish. Extreme sunlight exposure could cause change in color and stiffen the leather which in turn usually causes deformity in the product. Hence, it is recommended that you keep your leather product in a cool dry place, away from extremes of temperature or humidity.